Twitter Character Limits for one tweet will revised soon

Good news comes from twitter that they will change character limit from end of September 2016. Twitter is now one of the growing social media channel. It has achieved 310 million active users on March 2016 and it is continues increasing time by time. In twitter users can express their status, messages in 140 character limits and it becomes same from when it is established. And they got extremely great popularity in all over world.

Currently twitter allowed 140 characters per tweet and users have to say everything like messages, video, images and links in just 140 characters. And with this news, twitter also announces news features. In that features tweet starting with @username will be visible to all your followers. Currently it is visible only to those users who interact with that tweet user. In present time Videos, Links, images also count as character so if any user adds that type of file then they cannot write much in only one tweet.

Twitter has already announced that changes before few months and they start working after announced that news. Now twitter ready tom implement that changes for all Twitter users. Now all users can tweet with revised limit.


As per news, @username written on starting of tweet they it will no longer count in 140 character limits. But if you add @username in mid or last of tweet then it will count as character. If you upload any videos then it will not count in 140 characters so that now you can upload lot video in one without character limits problem. Currently if you upload any videos in tweet then it count as a character so that you can’t type more f you upload long video.  Twitter currently allows uploading max 160 seconds video per tweet.

Image GIF files also now not included in characters count. If you add any hyper links of any website so that also separate to your 140 character limit, twitter will not count it in words. And quoted twits are also not count in this limit.

So that is good news for all twitter fans that spend much time on social media by using twitter. Users will be get that features from 19th September and we have to see that changes will be made on web version and app version both or they start from any one version.

So after that media files will no more longer count as characters, @username, links, quoted tweets etc. After that change users will now write more words, express more with attaching media files too.

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