Samsung Galaxy Note 7 – Stop using from right now

Just before few days, Samsung has launched their new Smartphone in Note series called Galaxy Note 7. But Samsung has got shocking news in just few times after made available for buy in countries. Samsung gets continues news about exploding battery of Galaxy Note 7.

After that news of exploding battery, all of the users of Note 7 now fear to use it. Now that news becomes headlines in everywhere. Samsung also announce and also advice for stop using Galaxy Note 7. There are lot news comes from corner of the world of battery exposure that happened during charging and after charging. Company continues advice to their entire consumers that please switch off your mobiles and return it to store from where you purchase.

Samsung tells to all their worldwide customers that “Safety of our customers is our first priority” so please stop using your phone from right now to prevent from accident and harmful.


Samsung has just launched their Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with great features like 5.7 Inch bigger Super AMOLED Full HD display size, 4 GB RAM for good performance, 64 GB inbuilt memory storage, Iris Scanner, finger print sensor and lot features was announced at the time of launching. But only one defect of battery has put company to in big depression. In present time there is lot competition seen in Smartphone market in the world and it that exploding news will be much effect on Galaxy Note Series and also on value of Samsung Company.

It’s naturally that Samsung will have to face big loss by that incident and company has sell lot of models to users in all countries in which they launched. Samsung has start collection their Smartphone to back to their company and they recall 2.5 million phones last week.  Now Note 7 users wants that company refund their amount of Note 7 or they exchange that model to other alternate Smartphone. We expect that Samsung soon announced exchange policy regarding Note 7.


According to news and reports, Note 7 use is banned in Airlines and Airlines Company requests them to please switch off or not charge their Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones in flight for security after battery exploding news. Currently US airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qantas and lot airlines have keep banned on Note 7 for passenger’s security.

Apple has also launched their two Smartphone iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus at special event before few days.  So we have to watch that Samsung explode news will become gift for Apple’s new iPhones or not. Currently all Note 7 users have to  return their phone to store and wait from announcement by company that they replaced their phone to new one or they exchange phone to alternate Smartphone.

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