Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacement started in US

After battery problem in Samsung’s Latest Galaxy Note 7, it was recalled in every country. According to Samsung, there are 2.5 million Note 7 units are affected and Samsung has started worldwide recalling each Note 7 for safety of its customers. Only in US, Samsung sold 1 million Note 7 handset and all are recalled by company. Samsung has officially announced by press release on Thursday to replacement of all recalled Note 7 in US starting from 21st September 2016 (Wednesday).

Samsung has officially announced on 15th September to stop using your Note 7 and recall all its damage units to company back. As per reports, there are 5,00,000 units now available back in carriers and retails stores for replacements for recalled Note 7. Samsung has currently it starts replacement of half damage units and rest will be replaced soon in end of September.


On 2nd September, Samsung has kept stop on selling their Galaxy Note 7 after catching battery issue in handset in most of all units. We also say that not all units have battery issue because Samsung uses batteries from different suppliers.

Samsung said that they released updates in note 7 to check that your note 7 is safe or not. If you see green battery indicator on note 7 then you handset is safe and new but if you see grey color battery indicator then stop using your Note 7 right now and switch off your device to replace it to Samsung. Users have to update with latest version to check battery issue by its color. You can also check your Note 7 exchange eligibility using IMEI number, to check whether your Note 7 should be exchanged or not.

Samsung US Exchange Programme:

In US, Note 7 users can exchange their device from carriers or any other stores in US at where your buy. Customers have to contact retail outlets from where you bought it and if you purchase it directly from Samsung Official website then contact it directly to take a part in exchange programme. You will get new one in exchange of damage unit (not later than 21st September).

Other Exchange programme also available in US, you can exchange your note 7 to Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge which released before few weeks.

If you don’t want to exchange your Device to new one then you get 100% refund of your money, which you paid at the time of purchase. Note 7 recalled users also get 25$ worth gift card from selected carriers.

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