Pokémon Go Plus launches on September 16

After success of Pokémon Go in every corner of world, Company has decide to launch a Pokémon alert device which named to Pokémon go Plus. If you do not want to check your Smartphone to find nearby Pokémon then Pokémon Go Plus device will work best for you to find Pokémon without touching your Smartphone.

About Pokémon Go Plus:

It is a small device which you can wear on your hand like a watch. Device can be connecting via Bluetooth to your Smartphone. It will be useful when you are at walking, running and not able to use your Smartphone then Pokémon Go Plus device is alert you that Pokémon is available in current range. Once you are in Pokémon range then device will start blinking to alert you and you can easily catch it. Device is notify you to for events and it is consumes too much low battery.

Pokemon Go Plus

About Pokémon Go:

Pokémon Go app is gaming app which is work with your GPS location. In this gaming app, you have to find Pokémon which will be available at any place or anywhere. It can’t be played within one place like at your home or at your office. You have to use your feet and go for outside to find Pokémon. There are no fixed places to find or catch Pokémon. You can find nearby Pokémon by using map and catch it to achieve higher levels. Currently Pokémon Go has achieved new milestone. App crossed 500 million times downloads in just 2 month after releasing in July.  So Enjoy Outside Game.

PokéStop Alert:

By that device you no need to constantly check your Smartphone to find nearby PokéStop. You just need to connect that device to your Smartphone and if any nearby PokéStop come to your range while you are on moving then device will start vibrating and blinking. You have to press that button and search PokéStop.

Pokemon Go Plus-2

Pokémon Alert:

If any Pokémon is comes to your range while you are on moving then device will start blinking with flash. Once you close to Pokémon, press button on Pokémon Go Plus and throw poke ball to Pokémon. If you success to throw ball then device will be alert you by vibrating and flash

Pokemon Go Plus compatibility Devices:

Android Compatibility: Smartphone has at least 2 GB RAM an above, Minimum Android OS v4.4 and above.

Pokémon Go Plus currently not compatible with Intel atom processor Smartphone and there is no guaranty given by company about tablet compatibility.

iOS compatibility: It is compatible with latest iPhone and they are iPhone 5, 5C, 5S, SE, 6, 6S, 6S Plus and they must have iOS version 8-9 installed on it. Currently there is no news about latest launched iPhone 7 compatibility so we have to wait for that news from company.

Pokémon Go Plus is not compatible with earlier generation iPhones like 4S or earlier and it is also not compatible with iPod Touch device (5th Gen). Company recommends you to play it with your 3G or 4G network to find accurate PokéStop and Pokémon.

It is officially launched on 16th September. There is no revealed about price tag so we have to wait for announcement of price tag at Pokémon launching event.

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