Drones – All you want to know about

We hear this word at many times and also we watch that device at cricket stadiums to live recording of cricket matches, Olympics, football league and lot other games.  Human cannot shoot everything by their own and it is very difficult to coverage everything while playing, in forest places, places with too much heights and lot places where Human can’t shoot every moment but drones can done it very easy. And if you remember that before few months Amazon has announce that it will deliver their product by drones in future.

About Drone:

Drone is a device which able to fly in sky like mini Helicopter. It built with pre installed software to work correctly while flying.  It is remote control device so you have to everything while flying drones like drone pilot. It is small air craft which can be used for video coverage, shooting best moments for height and lot more can be done.

There are lot of top drones now available for buy from online stores. If starting from 100$ or less and end to thousand dollars. Now demand for Drone increase in world by common public in the world.

Type of Drones:

Drones are available in three types Camera Drone, Toy drone and racing drone. Most public preferred to buy Camera drone to shoot every moment by drone at where they not able to reach. In that drone camera is install below drone to shoot and move camera by controlling from remote. Prices of camera drones are depend on the features and specs of camera. There not only one use but peoples are buy that device for lot purposes.


Second is toy drone and we can understand by their name that it used only for fun and entertainment. You can buy that Drone for children to play with it or also useful as a gift. It is available with low cost compare to camera drones so you can learn by buying first toy drone to teach everything about to fly drone.

Last one is racing drone, naturally it comes with fully featured because it has to work as racer on the sky. Normally we have watched car racing, bike racing etc but now drones racing also come to that list. Yes, now in many of places in the world organize drone racing competition and announce great prize money to winner. So drone racing is become coolest sports. Many companies are built that type of drones for racing purposes. Technology has made racing possible on the sky between drones.

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