New Android 7.0 Nougat – Sweetest Release and Special Features

Google has announced their new Android OS named Nougat which is start for roll out all over the world. After success of Marshmallow version Google has release their new version which is named to Android 7.0 Nougat. It is released on 22nd August 2015 with 24 API Level.

About Nougat:

Before named and releasing Android 7 Nougat, first time Google has collected name suggestion for their new version and they now declared name of the name after checking all name collected from peoples across world. Name suggestion was done throughout their official android blog. So waiting of all android lovers is now finished and Google now rolling out their new OS to all new High end devices. Nougat will be available to all High end device users soon with new features.

android nougat

Device with New Nougat:

Currently Google new OS is rolling out on their own devices which are Android One, Pixel C, Nexus Player, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P and Nexus 9. If we talk about non Google mobiles then currently Nougat is available only on LG V20. So LG users can now use new version of android to their device with buying V20 Model.

Google has officially announced their some features to their official website so you can check new and special features included in it.

New Special Features which you see in Nougat:

1) Multi Window view: In new version, new special features also added in it which never sees before any version of Android OS. In multi view users can use two app at one time. For example user can watch video on YouTube on one window and can search anything on Google on another window. So user no need to leave current app and to close their current app they can switch to two apps and check both app side by side. Easily switching between apps.

2) Multi Locale Language Support: Before Nougat we can use only one language for all apps in Smartphone. You can write in only one language but new version Nougat has multi language support. Now you can use and write two or more language at same time on your device

3) 72 New Emoji: There are 72 new Emoji now available in Nougat version so total 1500 Emoji available to use in new version.

4) Doze Battery Saver: We all have big problem about battery because in present time we use unlimited data in a day and playing lot of games. So battery also consumes lot and finished soon. In new version Doze is helps to save your battery on your Smartphone so while your mobile is in your pocket it uses lower power. So much battery saved for you to use your Smartphone more hours.

5) Faster Quick Setting: Quick setting features also available in mobile upper slider (Sutter). You can personalise quit setting tab for faster access when you need.

6) Smart Notification: Users can easily reply from Notification of Whatsapp, Facebook etc. User no need to open that app to reply but they can directly send message from notification bar. This feature is now also available in Marshmallow update and some other devices. And other notification features has that user can check every app notification on notification bar without opening any app.

7) Inter Data Limit and Saver: Now user can control on app which use lot of internet data in the background. User can use data save by enabling this feature and they can set data limit in mobile. If Data Saver is enabled apps are not able to access your internet data.

8) Adjustable Display Size: In previous version we can change only size of the text but now in Nougat you can change size of the icons too as you want

9) New Security Features: Android gives first priority on users privacy to protect their data and keep private all the things from other peoples.